game maker, webmaster, engineer, project manager, businessman
The game maker (GamesByRobc)
That Brewery Game
A game for craft brewers. Brew beer, Drink beer, Play!
That Project Management Game
Try to bring your project in on-time and under budget!
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The engineer
After years of engineering planning, design, and construction management, I have settled in as chief of the Delta Levees System Integrity and Delta Habitat Restoration Office in the California Division of Multi-benefit Initiatives to work on flood damage reduction, public safety, and habitat restoration in the Sacramento/ San Joaquin Delta.
There's more info on my engineering career on my LinkedIn page.
Robc the guy
I like to make and play video games and solve engineering and organizational problems. Contact me and let's talk.
Domains for sale letting these domains go if you are interested, I just haven't had the time to make them right or they have run their course.
Folsom Dam in Northern California
$1 billion dllar auxiliiary spillway installation
Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station
Beaches and rainforests of Panama
Northern California salt marsh
Everglades National Park in Florida
Habitat restoration with Ducks Unlimited, my first interactive website